Frequently asked questions

How do I signup for the Facebook Lives?

If you are new to our Facebook Lives, please make sure to send us your email and shipping address via Messenger or by going to and filling out the form. If we do not have your information by the end of the sale, we can not complete your order and items will be placed back on shelf.


You must sign up by the end of the Live that you are watching or your items will be put on the shelf or go to the next person in line. This only needs to be done once.

How do the Facebook Lives work?

Items are shown on the camera with a corresponding number. We will announce the number, price and the item. If interested in the item, type the number provided. Items are first come first serve. Occasionally we will have multiples of an item or different colors. You will be instructed on screen to place a quantity or color next to the item number.


If only 1 item available, type number: 000

If multiples and you would like more than one, type: 000 x 2

If multiple colors, type: 000, color

REMEMBER, what you see on the screen and what we see on the screen are two different things. This happens for many reasons. There can be a lag based on service area, service provider or just an issue with Facebook. We ‘try’ to either like the comment or call your name if you got the item.

When you request an item, it is a commitment to buy. Please do not impulse buy. Many people impulse buy and then request a cancellation of an item or a whole order. Doing this creates more work for us and slows down the process for other shoppers. Be mindful.


We go by what WE see, not what YOU see. If you are not unsure or have any reservations, DO NOT request the item. Many times, people grab an item and either cancel it a few minutes later or ask to have removed after it’s been boxed.

When will I be invoiced?

Invoicing takes place within 72 hours of Live. Invoicing will be emailed to based on the information you have provided. Invoices must be paid within 72 hours of receipt or it will be canceled and items returned to shelf. If you have issues paying the invoice within that time frame, please contact us so that we can make other arrangements. Once you receive the invoice, please go over thoroughly checking for any errors. When purchasing through the Live, be mindful what you buy. Grabbing items and then asking to have them removed causes a tremendous amount of administrative work as the items are already boxed.


Invoices must be paid with 72 hours of receipt or items will be returned to shelf. Do not hesitate to reach out if you can not pay within that time frame.

What forms of payment do you accept?

When you receive your invoice, the methods of payment will be listed. Any major credit card, Google Pay, Apple, Paypal (in most cases) and Quadpay. You may also pay in-person.

What is Quadpay?

When you receive your invoice, you will have an option to pay via Quadpay. Eligible customers only need to provide a DOB and phone number to verify eligibility. Your invoice will be broken up into 4 easy payment every 2 weeks. You can have multiple Quadpays running at the same time. Be mindful of your budget as the amount is taken out every two weeks from the original invoice payment date.

When will item ship or be available for pickup?

Items will begin shipping within 48 hours of a paid invoice. As we grow, that time may extend but currently we are processing orders within 48 hours after payment. You may also pick up your items at Emma jeans. We are located at 930 5th Avenue, Coraopolis, Pa. You may pickup your items after 12 p.m. the following day or as we instruct you during the Live. Items must be picked up within 1 week of Live or a storage fee will be added to your invoice in the amount of $ 5.00 per each week.

How do I return my item?

If you receive an item that is incorrect or damaged, please reach out to us through Facebook or email. You can email: All items are guaranteed. DO NOT post your request directly on the Facebook Page as we do not always see them. You may also call our store directly at 412.339.3999 between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

How do I report others conduct or learn about conduct on a Live?

The Facebook Lives that we put on our pages are NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. We move fast and intend to sell, entertain and have a good time. If you are easily offended, our Lives are not for you. Posting negative comments or harassing any other watchers will trigger an immediate ban on all of our pages and you will be reported to Facebook as well as the local authorities if necessary.

If another user is harrassing you or you are having unwanted contact with a user, please contact us by Facebook Messenger or via email at

How to get yourself banned?

Our Facebook Lives are meant to be a fun, safe place for shoppers. As we grow, new viewers are online every week. Here's the breakdown of how get yourself or others banned.

Inappropriate comments towards others

Harassment of other watchers

Repeated buying and returning

Repeated requests for merchandise and then canceling order


Not picking up merchandise